Kansas Visitors Guide, a 175- page full color publication

Travel KS Guide

The Kansas Visitors Guide, a 175 - page full color publication, is the perfect tool to plan your Kansas vacation! The Visitors Guide provides you with a look at the many unique travel experiences that Kansas offers. Beautiful photography, entertaining and informative editorial, and a vibrant creative look are just some of the new components for the Guide.

Editorial features inform you on where to explore the continent's largest remaining tallgrass prairie and discover sweeping horizons, towns with storied pasts, and genuine cowboy- style adventures, and getting to know the places that inspired Robert J. Dole, Amelia Earhart, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and other heroes. Kansas' wide-open spaces draw adventurers with experiences you'll love-bike riding through unmatched scenery, driving cattle on horseback, and more.

  • You can expect to receive your Visitors Guide in two to three weeks.
  • Or you may call toll free at 1-800-2KANSAS to request a Kansas Visitors Guide.
  • Ordering your copy of the Kansas Visitors Guide is simply a click away.

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