About the KAN-RVT Organization, and it's founders Larry & Jan Olson
About The Organization

Who we are?

Kansas RV Parks & Travel, Inc. {aka} KAN-RVT is a non-profit organization composed of privately owned and operated parks for public use.

Our organizations "umbrella" policy allows us to coop-erate with municipal entities ( city, county, state and federal ) to provide maximum park courtesies and amenities to all of the travelers of Kansas.

We reserve the right to exclude ads and memberships which do not justifiably represent major interest to our RV, Camping and Tourism Industry.

We believe Kansas to be unique within the centerfold of our nation. It has many points of interest for everyone. We hope your journey and stay will be a pleasant one!

Welcome to Kansas!

Kansas is like a centerfold to the nation.

The geographic center of the Continental USA lies near Lebanon in Smith County. Kansas as the hub has many roads leading into it, and with its golden wheat fields, oil, and agricultural output helps to supply families everywhere.

However the Sunflower state has more to offer than that: cultural, social, scenery, history, science, fine arts. Kansas offers unique experiences to all.

Vacationers, bring along your camera and notepad and try to capture the best kept secret - Kansas.

Stay with us awhile and mingle with some of the friendliest people in the world - your neighboring Kansans.

Whatever your mode of travel. Our RV Parks & Travel Directory will lead you to over 100 + RV and Camping Parks in Kansas. Including State and Federal parks, all awaiting your arival!

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Larry & Jan Olson
Founders of the Charter
Founded: November 14, 2003

Mailing Address:
221 N. 7th Avenue
Hill City, KS 67642

Organization Phone:
Call: (785) 421-5778

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URL: kansasrvparks.org

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